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Citrus County, It’s Hot Out There! – Part 2 of 2

Citrus County Summer Heat Strategies

Use Florida Friendly Landscaping

Citrus County Homeowner Sprinkler Tune Up Tips
  • Plant plants that are heat tolerant and use less water.
  • Be mindful of watering restriction, if any are in place.
  • Check with the Board of County Commissioners website for any watering restrictions.
  • Water on the required days, early in the morning or in the evening.

If The Power Goes Out

  • Open the windows and let air flow, open windows from the top if you are able.  Remember, heat rises. 
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed.  If you need to open the fridge or freezer, don’t let the door remain open for a long period of time
  • Use flashlights instead of candles.  Never leave candles unattended.
    • Check your flashlights to be certain they are in good working order
    • Replace batteries yearly
  • Have water or drinks readily available. It’s okay to drink warm water.
  • If you notice a power surge, where the lights dim and go back to normal, turn off your air conditioner to avoid taxing the system.

Recognize Heat Related Emergencies

Heat Stroke– This occurs when the body no longer sweats and body temperature reaches a dangerously high level. Symptoms include: dry hot reddish skin and lack of sweating, high body temperature, strong and rapid pulse, chills, confusion and slurred speech.

Heat Exhaustion– This is the body’s response to loss of water and salt through sweating. Symptoms include: excessive sweating, weakness or fatigue, dizziness and/or confusion, clammy skin, muscle cramps and flushed skin.

Heat Cramps- These are painful cramps in the body’s muscles due to low salt levels and are caused by excessive sweating. Symptoms include: muscle pain in the abdomen, arms and/or legs and muscle spasms.

Heat Rash- This is an irritation of the skin caused by excessive sweating. Symptoms include: red clusters of pimples or small blisters that are usually found on the neck, upper chest, groin, elbow creases, behind the knees and around the waist.

Citrus County Heat Continues to Rise

We are facing several more months of warm weather in Citrus County.  As you kick back and enjoy the weather, please watch children around pools, lakes, rivers, and canals; check on the elderly; care for your pets. If out on the water, practice safe boating, avoid alcohol.  Stay safe, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and have fun.   

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Ruth Edwards, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty, Citrus County Realtor, Realtors® Association of Citrus County

Ruth Edwards, serves as the 2019 President of the Realtors® Association of Citrus County. Additionally, she is an active Realtor® with Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty. Contact Ruth for assistance with all of your Citrus County real estate needs. Either by phone at (352) 586-0115 or by email: ruthedwardsrealtor@outlook.com.

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