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Crystal River: Top Places Travelled 2022

The Citrus County Chronicle recently released an article stating that Citrus Avenue’s Shopping District is the #1 tourist spot for travelers to Citrus County. This data was collected by Madden Media, the ad agency for Citrus County Tourist Development (TDC), between April and June 2022. Within those few months an impressive 20,947 people cruised the streets of our Crystal River Historic District.


There is good reason why tourists flock to Downtown Crystal River. Citrus Avenue has lots to offer for those passing through, with its variety of restaurants, shops, cafes and art galleries. There is something for everyone down this popular strip. The motto is “Stop, Play & Eat on Main Street”.

The fun doesn’t stop when you’re done eating and shopping. Downtown also offers a splash pad for the kiddos as well as Kings Bay Park equipped with a complete playground right by the water. Within a short distance also is multiple kayak rentals, manatee tours and 2 swimmable springs (3 Sisters Springs & Hunter Springs).

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Crystal River has more than just manatees (even though that IS our main attraction). The next three most visited spots during this period were The Plantation Resort in Crystal River, The Plantation Adventure Center and the Crystal River Riverwalk. Followed closely by Hunter Springs Park, Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and Three Sisters Springs.

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The same article also mentioned a few reasons why more people are opting out of traveling:
• Rising cost of transportation affects travelers’ behaviors and spending.
• 41% percent of people say that rising fuel prices will affect their trip plans in the next 6 months.
• While 9% of people plan on cancelling their trips, 4 out of 10 are, simple, choosing closer destinations.
• Tourists are cutting down on the number of trips they take throughout the year and spending less on the trips they do take.
• 62% say that a vacation will be a priority in their budget over the next 3 months.

Despite the reasons listed above, tourists continue to visit Crystal Rivers Downtown District. The clear water, manatees and history keep people coming year after year

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