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5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Windows in Sugarmill Woods

Your Sugarmill Woods home windows may be trying to tell you its time for a replacement. Windows on a home don’t last forever. Although, properly maintained, high-quality windows can last up to 20 years or more. If you happen to notice that they are more than a few decades old, it’s most likely time to replace your windows. Here are the top 5 signs to look for when it’s time to replace your Sugarmill Woods home windows .

Damaged, Warped or Broken

By chance, you might not have to replace the entire window. If it’s a minor problem like the weatherstripping or hardware, you can easily just repair the issue. However, if a window frame is damaged, warped or broken, you should replace the window. Check for condensation between windowpanes.

Reducing Your Energy Bill

Air from outside may be entering your home and create drafts on cold, windy days. A window provides some heat in the winter months by letting in the sunlight. A drafty window can cause a surge in your energy bills from 10-25%. If you replace your window with an energy efficient window, you’ll reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Additionally, if you want to sell your Sugarmill Woods home, the new energy efficient windows are a great selling point.

Outside Noises

Another tell tale sign it’s time to replace your windows, the noise from outside is creeping in. If you happen to hear ever car that drives by your home or any activity from outside, it’s time to update your Sugarmill Woods home windows.

Severe Storms

Maybe you live in a hurricane zone or another area with severe storms. If you do, you’ve probably dealt with damaged windows before. You’ll want to check your Sugarmill Woods home windows after every severe weather event. Consider installing windows made with Ultrex fiberglass, known to resist corrosion and remain stable in extreme temperatures.

Home Makeover Time

One of the most prominent features on your home are the windows. If your windows are looking less than fantastic, your house will too. Are there torn screens from a storm? Is the color fading? Weathered windows will detract the curb appeal of your home. Consider installing larger windows to created more natural light in the home. Naturally lit environments can create more comfort and increase productivity within the space.

In conclusion, all of these factors could lead to needing to replace your Sugarmill Woods home windows. Be sure to check these 5 leading signs of window issues to keep your home up to date.

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