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Sugarmill Woods Kitchen Remodel

Sugarmill Woods Kitchen Remodel

Affordable Ways to Remodel Your Sugarmill Woods Kitchen

Sugarmill Woods kitchen remodels are a great way to spruce up your home no matter what type of budget you’re on. The kitchen is one of the most popular gathering places in your home. So, it’s no wonder many people do a Sugarmill Woods kitchen remodel above every other room in the house first. Kitchen remodels can be expensive, but we’ve done the research to help save you money while creating a fresh, new look.


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In addition, one of the first things people tend to notice in a kitchen are the counter-tops. An outdated or damaged counter may get the wrong attention. Granite is one of the most popular materials homeowners want. Granite provides a clean surface with a stylish look. If you’re looking to save money on your kitchen remodel, choose granite remnants at a stone yard. Other homeowners opt for marble. To save money, pick a domestic product over a marble that must be imported from overseas.


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Furthermore, take a look at your cabinets, another big draw to your kitchen’s overall appeal. Consider refinishing your cabinets if it looks like it’s time to replace them. Try repainting or staining, adding new trim or molding and removing the doors for open shelving. Additionally, a small change that makes a big difference can be new hardware for your cabinets. If you’re wanting a completely new look, stock units or semi-custom cabinets will give your kitchen a face lift without breaking the bank. However, if you have the extra money to spend, homeowners opt to have custom-built cabinets that create their ideal kitchen.

New Tiles

Another great way to give your kitchen a remodel is to consider adding or changing the back-splash. Ripping out the old tile and replacing it can get costly if you’re on a budget. Consider painting the tiles with stencils. With just a small amount of prep-work, you’ll be done sooner than having to pry all of your tiles off the wall.

Appliance Updates

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Finally, take a look at your current kitchen appliances. Are they the latest and greatest in terms of look and technology? Many home buyers expect updated kitchen appliances that will stand the test of time. If you can afford the high-end features like build-in refrigerators and professional grade ranges, splurge! On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, many of the products you can find in big box stores offer faux-pro features. Additionally, many of the new budget-friendly appliances outperform their high-end competitors in terms of reliability.

Choosing the Right Contractor

In short, if you’re looking to go all out on a Sugarmill Woods kitchen remodel and can afford pricier features, choose a general contractor with experience. If you’re looking to update on a tight budget, consider many of the more economical options in this article. However you go about remodeling your kitchen, you’ll be happy in the end that your cooking space has a fresh, new look.

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