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Home for the Holidays- Ways to Make The Season Merry & Bright

Holiday Decorating Tips for your Sugarmill Woods Home, Homosassa FL

Last Holiday at Your Place?

Historically, home sales tend to slow down in November and not pick up again until March. Don’t despair! If you decide to sell your home near the holidays, you’ll find super serious buyers and face much less competition from other sellers. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to change the way you approach holiday staging and decorating! Here are 5 things to keep in mind.

Deck the Halls, But Not too Much

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Homes can look warm and cozy during the holidays, but if you find yourself selling at this time, be careful not to supersize the decor. Too much holiday cheer can crowd your home and distract buyers. They won’t be able to see how lovely your family room is if it’s filled to the brim with holiday knickknacks. It’s also a good idea to avoid putting off potential buyers with decorations with religious themes. Instead, opt for universal fall and winter decor that can be appreciated by everybody.

Consider Curb Appeal

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If you live in a region where trees start to lose their leaves in Autumn, doing some maintenance on your home’s exterior becomes an even bigger priority. Naked trees and bushes expose more of the house, so touch up the exterior painting around doors and windows, clean out the gutters and spruce up the landscaping. Your lawn should be tidy, with dead plants removed. You’d be surprised at how a light touch of holiday decor and a winter mix of greenery on the porch or along the walkway can make your home even more inviting. And to keep potential bidders safe, be sure that steps and entryways are free of leaves, snow and ice.

Have a Pro Take Pictures

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For more than a decade, homebuyers have increasingly started house hunting from the comfort of their homes by browsing online listings on a laptop. That’s even more true in wintertime when prospects are pickier about driving in bad weather to attend an open house. Add social distancing considerations and how your home looks online is a million times more important than it’s ever been. This is your opportunity to make an excellent first impression! Be sure you work with a realtor who’s skilled at posting flattering, high-quality photos of the homes they’re selling. And, if possible, have a few shots of your home in other seasons so home seekers can imagine how it looks year-round.

Market via Video

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Even under normal circumstances, sellers get much less foot traffic during the holiday season and — again, depending on where you live — wintery weather months. That’s even more true during the current health crisis. A good realtor has already figured out how to get around this, so look for one who is all about directing a professional quality video tour. Ask where it will be posted on the web and how he/she plans to market it to attract house hunters who aren’t comfortable with open houses or taking their chances with spotty winter road conditions.

Safeguard Your Open House

A general rule of thumb for winter open houses — but not recommended during the pandemic — is to make your home feel cozy and inviting by cranking up the heat. While we’re not suggesting to turn the heat off during a showing, try opening some windows for fresh air so that everyone feels a bit more at ease.

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Keep a pump bottle of hand sanitizer and a supply of disposable face coverings near the entrance. And keep bedrooms well lit and closet doors ajar, so visitors don’t feel the need to touch doorknobs and light switches. The other rules to selling a home still hold: playing classical music and filling the space with the smell of fresh-baked holiday cookies are tried and true ways to make your home feel cozier. Doing so will help prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there. 

Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or saying goodbye, we hope this holiday season is a wonderful one and our best to you in the new year!

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