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Zen Garden Who doesn’t love coming home to a lush, green lawn? For instance, Xeriscapes can be lovely where appropriate. Japanese Zen gardens can be striking and soothing at the same time. Formal English gardens can convey one to another place and time. Lawn care in Citrus County can be divided into two categories; lawn care by professionals and lawn care by the homeowner. Fortunately, we are here to inform you about different lawn care strategies, important tips and issues you may come across.

Possible Issues

Either way, the goal is the same, to have and maintain a gorgeous expanse of green.  If your lawn is being taken care of by professionals and you are content with the results, great.  Still, there are a couple of things to bear in mind.  Citrus County Gardens
First, the equipment cuts and trims in various places and may carry seeds or fungi that can adversely affect your lawn. Secondly, the other concern is if the blades on their equipment are not sharp. When the blades begin to dull, the look and feel of the lawn will be different in looks and texture. With that in mind, residents should sharpen their tools prior to cutting their lawn to prevent adverse results.

Grass Varieties and Lawn Care

After all, the homeowner who maintains his or her own lawn, it becomes a little more complicated and perhaps good results are a little more satisfying. One should know what variety of lawn one has.  Is it Zoysia? Bermuda? Bahia? St Augustine? Carpet? Or Centipede? Or is it a cultivar of one of these? Each species has its own water, light and cut height requirements. If your lovingly tended lawn starts to develop brownish dead or dying patches, it could be caused by one of these culprits.
Citrus County Florida Xeriscapes

Watering Schedules for Proper Lawn Care

Watering is an issue where lawn care in Citrus County is concerned.  Recently put into place, there are some new restrictions for certain areas of Citrus County. Year-round conservation measures limit lawn watering to twice per week. With these rules in place, even addresses irrigate on Thursdays and Sundays. Odd addresses water on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Above all, both even and odd addresses must do so before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. With those rules in place, optimum saturation of a lawn should be between one half inch and three quarters of an inch. On the other hand, watering and micro irrigation of flowerbeds, shrubs and other plants can be done on any day at any time. Florida’s intense heat can be a factor in lawn care, but don’t forget the watering rules in your community.

Perfecting Your Lawn

Fortunately, lawn care in Citrus County is easy to research through our knowledgeable and helpful university friends. The University of Florida/ Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, UF/IFAS and their Citrus County Extension Office are a resource of inestimable value.  Green Lawns in Citrus County Florida Their Master Gardener Program is specifically geared to help residents with lawn and garden questions and to offer solutions to their problems. Their extension office helps farmers, gardeners and homeowners. Their Florida Friendly Program promotes good stewardship of Florida’s natural resources with information on sustainable landscaping, including plant selection, soil composition, irrigation and much more.

In conclusion, for lawn care in Citrus County, or for any gardening questions, contact the UF/IFAS Extension office at 352-527-5700 or access their website here . Expert help and advice are yours for the asking.  Don’t hesitate to contact the friendly folks at the UF/IFAS., Citrus County Extension office.Xeriscapes in Sugarmill Woods

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