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How to Make Your Move Easier in 10 Simple Steps

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Next Generation Realty’s Moving Tips

Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty wants to make your move from your old home to your new home easier. Moving is already stressful and time-consuming in itself, but Next Generation Realty is here to help. Take advantage of these moving tips from the Sugarmill Woods real estate experts for an effortless transition.

Keep Your Essentials Easily Accessible

Make sure you pack a first-night box. You’ll want to put your essentials in an easily accessible box to make the first night a much smoother transition. For example, your medications, wallet, toiletries and change of clothes.

Create A Packing Supplies Basket

Moving Tips

Make your life easier by carrying a basket room to room with labels, markers, packing tape, newspaper, tissue, Styrofoam, etc. Stop by your local post office or shipping store for packing supplies and custom crates.

Defrost Your Refrigerator

Be sure to defrost your refrigerator at least 24 hours before moving day. Unload all items in your fridge into a cooler and make sure you unplug your fridge to defrost.

Save Your Glass From Breaking

Save your glass frames and mirrors from cracking by putting a large X across them in masking tape. The large X will keep cracked or broken pieces in place in case your mirror or glass does get damaged during the move. For extra precaution, wrap the mirror or glass frame as you would a gift by lining it with cardboard and wrapping it in brown packing paper and bubble wrap.

A Smooth Closet Transfer

Moving Tips

Cover your hanging clothes in a garbage bag for easy transfer to a new closet. Keep your clothing together, clean and on the hanger for a quick move to your new closet. Once you hang them up, take off the garbage bag and you’re all set.

Double-Box Your Valuables

Protect your most valuable items by double-boxing them and bubble wrap anything that is breakable. Don’t forget to label them as fragile or valuable so you’ll remember which box needs extra care when moving.

Secure Your Glassware in Wine CasesS

Moving Tips

Don’t lose any of your nice glassware due to flimsy packaging. Place your delicate kitchen glasses in wine cases and be sure to use either bubble wrap, tissue paper, Styrofoam or newspapers to wrap your glass.

Rolling Luggage for Heavy Items

Rolling luggage is useful for heavier items in your home. Save your back from extra strain trying to life heavy pieces. Simply put them into your large travel suitcases and roll them right into your new home. Moving blankets are also helpful in transferring larger items in and out of your home.

Keep Your Lighter Items in the Drawers

Save time and the hassle of unpacking by keeping your drawers filled with whatever is already in them. Tape shut the sides to keep drawers from opening during your move.

Install Your Electronics Back In a Snap

Moving Tips

Snap a photo of your electronic cables before you unplug them. This will easily remind you where each wire goes once you get to your new home. Additionally, tape the cords to their device if possible or place all extra parts and screws in a labeled Ziploc bag.

In conclusion, a move to a new home can be less stressful with these 10 great moving tips. The Next Generation Realty agents can help you make all the right moves in real estate.  Let them help you find the perfect home to buy or rent in Sugarmill Woods or any other neighborhood in Citrus County, Florida.

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