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Now It’s Time to Sell Your Home – Part 2 of 2

Time to Sell Your Home in Citrus County Florida

Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned

Home Sales in Citrus County Florida

A clean home will provide buyers with a mental picture of what their belongings would look like in that space. Also, make sure your air out your home if you cook food with a lingering odor for dinner. Foul odors can be a huge turnoff.

Fix Anything That is Broken

Buyers will notice the door that’s hanging off the hinges or the windows that is off track. Check the windows and doors to see if they operate smoothly.

Consider Having a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Home Sales in Citrus County Florida

The home inspector will go through your home similar to the way he would if you were buying the home. For instance, the home inspector will check your appliances to see if they are in proper working condition. Afterwards, he will go up on the roof and check for any roof damage. He will go into the attic and check the insulation and look for any evidence of leaks. In short, this will save you time and headaches in the end to fix issues now before the sale.

Let the Light Shine In

Open the curtains or blinds in every room. As a result, natural light coming into the home will make the rooms look inviting.

Freshen Up Your Home

Fresh paint and new carpeting may help your home sell faster. Un-clutter your rooms by packing up anything that is not necessary for daily living.

Citrus County Florida real estate sales and rentals

Additionally, minimize the items that are on the kitchen counter. Be sure to put small appliances away in a cabinet. Also, wipe down your counter tops, refrigerator, microwave, cook top and oven.

De-Clutter Your Space

In addition to cleaning, remove any throw rugs and tack down any loose carpeting to prevent a trip hazard. Check interior lighting in all rooms and replace any burned out bulbs.

Secure All Valuables

Secure your valuables when listing your house for sale

Put any jewelry or cash in a safe or safe deposit box. Lock any firearms in a safe or remove them from the property. Remove medications. Remove all artwork and collectibles.

Rely on your Realtor®. They have the knowledge and experience to get your home sold quickly and close to or over asking price and in today’s hot real estate market that’s what you want!

About the Author:

Ruth Edwards, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty

Ruth Edwards, serves as the 2019 President of the Realtors® Association of Citrus County. She is an active Realtor with Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty. Contact Ruth for assistance in buying your first home or any other real estate needs. She can be reached by email: ruthedwardsrealtor@outlook.com or by phone at (352) 586-0115.

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