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Citrus County Homeowner Sprinkler Tune Up Tips

Citrus County Homeowner Sprinkler Tune Up Tips

Your sprinklers are some of the most important tools for maintaining a lush and healthy lawn this summer for Citrus County homeowners. With the warmer temperatures we experience on the Nature Coast, it’s crucial to keep your grass and garden hydrated. If you perform the standard checks for your irrigation system, you should have no problems keeping your yard looking great this summer.

Check Your Valves

First, Citrus County homeowners should know that their sprinkler valves are the most important part of the irrigation system. The valves regulate how the water is distributed for the entire system. Be sure to examine every valve to ensure they are working correctly. Also, before you turn on any water to your system, be sure your manual drain valves are in the closed position. A valve that leaks can waste water. This means Citrus County homeowners will have a higher bill each month.

Check the Programs and Controls

Next, check that your timer is running correctly. Make sure the date and time is correct and all other settings are up to standard for your neighborhood’s watering regulations and your lawn’s needs. Citrus County homeowners are allowed one scheduled irrigation of 3/4″ per week. Odd addresses can water on Wednesday and Saturdays. On the other hand, even addresses can water on Thursday and Sunday. Citrus County’s watering restrictions apply to all sources of water, including homes with private wells.

Are There Blockages?

Next, check your sprinkler head from blockages. These blockages can include rocks, sand, dirt and other debris that might block an even flow of water from the sprinkler head. Clear out any debris that may be in the way.

Check for Worn & Broken Components

You’ll also want to check for any broken parts in your system. Sometimes a lawn mower can bust your nozzles or sprinkler head. Check to see if any parts are cracked or worn out, such as your pipes, valves, sprinkler heads and nozzles before you turn on the water. Replace any broken or damaged components in your sprinkler system.

Do A Pressure Check on Your System

Lastly, do a water pressure check. As you turn on your sprinkler system the first time, open your main valve slowly. This will cause the pipes to fill with water gradually. Going to fast will cause water pressure damage. It’s recommended you get a pressure cage that will connect to your hose faucet. This will help you determine if your water pressure is at a level that is safe.

Upgrade Your System

If you find many issues in your system, the beginning of the summer is the best time to consider putting in a new irrigation system. The latest systems have better timers and water control which can help save you money in the end and keep your grass green. If you do plan on purchasing a new system, look for the water sense label rebates. Contact your local Citrus County utility company for more information, tips and rebates.

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