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Sugarmill Woods Pool Home Maintenance Strategies

Sugarmill Woods Florida pool home, Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty

Ready to take the plunge into owning your own pool? The thought of diving into your own backyard oasis on a hot summer day is certainly a refreshing idea for any homeowner in Sugarmill Woods. Perhaps you’re considering buying a new home with a pool or adding one to your existing home. If you’re new to owning a pool, here are some great Sugarmill Woods pool home maintenance strategies to keep your pool in top shape and crystal clear year-round.

Chemical Treatments

If you want to keep your Sugarmill Woods pool crystal-clear year-round, you’ll need to treat your pool once a week or hire a professional to take care of it. Under-maintained pools appear green and contain bacteria that is dangerous to swimmers. Also to note, if you over chlorinate a pool, it can cause pool rash and harsh eye irritation. With a little pH testing, you can figure out exactly the right amount of chemicals your pool needs to be in perfect condition.

Handy Pool Tools – Vacuum

Also, you’ll need some other tools to keep your Sugarmill Woods pool clean besides chemicals. You should skim your pool’s surface for debris. If you don’t skim it often, the debris will fall to the bottom of your pool. You’ll need to vacuum to keep it healthy. Luckily, there are options in automatic robotic cleaners that self-regulate. Or, if you prefer you can vacuum your pool with a handheld system.

Be Sure To Maintain Water Levels

Additionally, you’ll want to maintain the level of water in your Sugarmill Woods pool home. Playing in the pool can cause the water levels to fluctuate. Professionals suggest keeping your water level halfway up the skimmer line. If the levels are too low, your pool’s pump can get ruined in the process. When you notice the water levels sinking, just turn on your hose and fill it back up Always make sure to check its chemical levels when you add water more water.

Maintain Cleanliness

If you continue to keep up the simple tips as you would any other household chore, you’ll find owning a Sugarmill Woods pool home very rewarding. Keeping your pool clean from debris on the top with daily skimming will prevent more costly messes down the road. The skimming will keep the water circulating, which will also allow you to not have to put as much chlorine in the pool. Also, clear out the strainer and scrub the sides of your pool to prevent algae buildup. In short, owning a Citrus County pool home can an enjoyable part of living the Florida lifestyle.  

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