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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring Home Maintenance Tips for Sugarmill Woods FL

Easy Spring Home Maintenance Tips to Take Care of in Spring

Every homeowner knows that the change of seasons brings with it a new set of maintenance tasks to ensure that your home and yard look and perform at their best. When spring has sprung, certain tasks should be on your Spring Home Maintenance to-do list. If you’re not ready to tackle all the chores spring has to offer, start with these easy spring home maintenance tasks.

Inspect Your Exterior Walls

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Between the wet seasons and extra time spent indoors, exterior issues are more likely to go unnoticed. Take a moment to examine your exterior walls for any issues. Check for water damage or areas with exposed wood from paint chipping or critters taking bites out of the wood. If you spot any issues, you may need to enlist professional help.

Change Your HVAC Filters

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Your filters should be changed seasonally to prevent your HVAC from overexerting. Dirty air filters can translate to a higher electric bill. The change of seasons serves as an easy reminder to change your filters, though if you have pets or live in a dusty area, you may want to change your filter more frequently. Thankfully, this task is relatively simple. Take a moment to swap your dirty filter for a fresh one.

Create More Living Space

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Warmer weather often means more time spent outside. So why not utilize the space in your garage as an indoor/outdoor living space? Create a small home gym, complete with weights and a treadmill and enjoy your next workout with some fresh air. Or, add some mats to the floor and bring out a few toys to create a small playroom. You can do yardwork or tend to your garden while keeping an eye on your children. 

Another option for creating a living space in your garage is to add some furniture. Whether you opt for a couch and some comfortable chairs to relax or a small dining set to enjoy a meal, this space can be transformed into a prime entertaining space that can be enjoyed in rain or sunshine.

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Start Planning Your Garden

Getting your garden prepped and ready is a big task, one that you can take an entire weekend (or more) to tackle.  If your climate isn’t deep into the season enough to plant, or you simply don’t have the time yet, you can at least make your plans. Take a little time to map out your space and figure out what you want in your garden. This way you will be ready when the optimate planting time comes.

Home maintenance can feel like a never-ending chore, but if you only have a few hours, you can accomplish a lot. 

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