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Spring Landscaping Tips for Your Sugarmill Woods Home

Spring Landscaping Tips in Sugarmill Woods Homosassa FL

4 Spring Landscaping Tips for a Peaceful Outdoor Area

Sugarmill Woods homeowners who are looking to create a beautiful peaceful backyard can follow these 4 spring landscaping tips. If you’re looking to create a tranquil setting outside of your home, follow these easy steps to create your own oasis.

Attract the Birds

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If you’re looking to relax to the chirps of a songbird, or lure in a swarm of butterflies, it starts with choosing the right plants. First, Perennials are often the best choice. These flowers are particularly hardy and easy to grow, while also bearing seeds the birds feed on. With the right flowers, you’ll have your own little bird sanctuary in no time.

Create a Natural Screen

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Privacy, of course, is key to truly feeling like you can let loose outside your Sugarmill Woods home without having to worry about any prying eyes. While a fence is always an effective option, the deed restrictions may prevent that. However, another method is to create a natural screen using thick hedges, evergreens or other large plantings to totally envelope the backyard. Take it a step further with both fencing and hedges to ensure complete privacy and verdant scenery.

Add a Water Feature

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A water feature, like a reflecting pool or bird bath, is always a surefire way to create a relaxing environment in the backyard. Whether you’re watching ripples in a pond or listening to the sounds of cascading water, you’ll feel transported to a private haven of serenity each time you step outside the house.

Use Climbing Plants

If you want to create a roof over your head to block out the sun while lounging outside, climbing plants are the perfect way to do just that. After all, there’s no better way to add to the lush ambience than a pergola that’s covered in honeysuckle, hydrangeas or roses.

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