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Pool Area Upgrades for the Ultimate Summer

Pool Area Upgrades for Summer 2021

A picturesque swimming pool area is the epitome of living that Florida lifestyle and you can do that right here in your Sugarmill Woods home! If you’re looking to create a true backyard oasis, chances are the pool is just one part of that equation. For those who are looking to upgrade their pool area, here are several ideas that can take it to new heights and make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Add a Cabana

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For a truly resort-like experience in your Sugarmill Woods home, nothing beats having a cabana. You can lounge in the shade while hanging out by the pool. You’ll have the perfect spot to spend long summer days, reading a good book or drinking your morning coffee.

Additionally, it will give your pool area an exciting addition that transforms the whole aesthetic. A bright cabana can remind you of a favorite vacation you took to the tropics.

Bring in the Fire Pit

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Anyone who enjoys sitting outside on a warm summer evening can appreciate a fire pit. This feature has extra visual appeal when positioned nearby your swimming pool. Just imagine the enchanting ambience as you watch the flames reflect off the water when the sun goes down. You can also hangout by your fire when the cooler weather comes back in fall.

Pool House

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If you’re looking to make a big addition in the backyard of your Sugarmill Woods home, then a pool house might be the way to go. This can provide serious convenience with changing rooms, bathrooms and a kitchenette that’s easily accessed from your pool area. As an added bonus, you could even add an extra bedroom with poolside vistas that guests are sure to love.

Outdoor Kitchen

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Hanging out by the pool during the warmer months is about much more than simply splashing around in the water. It’s about grilling your favorite foods, sipping on refreshing beverages while making memories with the family and friends. An outdoor kitchen is the perfect feature to make that all possible. After all, no one wants to get stuck inside cooking when everyone else is enjoying a beautiful summer day around the pool!

Make the Move to Sugarmill Woods

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