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Decorating Tips for Your Sugarmill Woods Home

Decorating Tips to Freshen up your sugarmill woods home

Quick and Easy Decorating Tips You’ll Wish You’d Thought of Before

Is the inside of your Sugarmill Woods home looking a little more drab than fab these days? We’ve got some simple decorating tips to spruce up your home in only a few hours, or a weekend to finish. Give the inside of your home a facelift with these affordable ideas.

Furniture Updates Don’t Have to be Expensive

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Start by adding a little color to something old. You don’t need to go out and purchase new furniture for your Sugarmill Woods home. When your tables and chairs start looking a little boring, add a splash of color by painting the legs of the tables and chairs in a bright, vibrant accent color. This will add a pop to your furniture and a fresh new look to your existing furniture.

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Next, add a statement headboard to your master bathroom or in a guestroom. Go for a tufted satin or an interwoven leather panel mounted on the wall behind the bed. For a simpler project, paint a half moon behind the bed in a color that matches the bedspread or your mood.

Get Picture Perfect with These Decorating Tips

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Have a few photo albums collecting dust on a shelf somewhere or photos taking up space in your phone? Enlarge some of your favorite family photos you’ve never displayed before. Whatever you choose, stick with a theme for the frames or even paint your old frames. Creating a new gallery on your wall or throughout your home will make it appear fresh.

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While you’re at it, wall murals are back in style. You can find them online in hundreds of unique designs ranging from beachside to illusion of library shelving. The cost to add some new scenery won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re feeling really creative, add a blackboard wall. Blackboard walls are great for a kid’s room where they are actually encouraged to write on the walls. Some Sugarmill Woods homeowners opt to put a blackboard wall in their kitchen. This allows you to post grocery lists, upcoming appointments and keeping track of busy schedules.

Add a Splash of Color with Home Accessories

Lastly, decorating tips don’t have to cost a lot of money. Add something small to your rooms that makes a big statement. By laying a colorful runner in your kitchen or hallway adds instant interest to any space. Try adding a round or oval rug in the living or dining room. Anywhere you have an open area, use an underlay grip to minimize any slippage for your new area rug.

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Another way to add a pop of color that is inexpensive: throw pillows. Replace your old throw pillows around your house with new colors or designs. By changing up the little details, you’ll make a big difference in the way your room looks.

Additionally, maybe it’s time to focus in on your mantel as a centerpiece in your home. Make it a focal point for every holiday or changing season by adding appropriate decor and trinkets. Family and friends will be keeping an eye out for your interesting new finds.

Make the Move to Sugarmill Woods

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