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Home Upgrades to Complete This Weekend That Will Add Value to Your Sugarmill Woods Home

Sugarmill Woods Home Upgrades

Weekend warriors accomplish far more than the rest of us on their precious days off. If you are not quite ready to give up your whole weekend on a project, but still want to boost your home’s value, try one of these easy home upgrades.

Repaint Your Front Door

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You don’t have to spend hours repainting your whole house to add value, just repaint your front door instead. Bold door colors are a trend here to stay and studies have shown that a striking color can do more than just look nice. Zillow found that black or charcoal front doors can raise your home’s value by $6,271. Other great options include dark or vibrant jewel tones for a modern and playful effect. A simple Sugarmill Woods home upgrade that can be done in one afternoon!

Clean Your Carpets

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A deep clean can keep your carpets looking like new again. Whether you opt to purchase a carpet cleaner to keep for regular deep cleanings, borrow one from a friend or simply hire a cleaning service—you will be pleasantly surprised at how much this task can breathe new life into your space. Short on time? Divide the space to conquer it in small sections. Replacing or shampooing your carpets has a 169% ROI—quite a hefty return for a simple home upgrade.

Update Your Hardware

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You don’t need to gut your kitchen to bring it to the 21st century. If your cabinets look dated, an easy hardware replacement can do wonders to improve your kitchen’s aesthetic. Take a trip to your local hardware store to find your favorite matching drawer pulls, cabinet knobs and hinges. Buy a few options to compare at home. Once you find your favorite, you can return the others and purchase all the hardware you need in the set of your choice. Sugarmill Woods home upgrades that are simple, can make a big difference.

Make it Smarter

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Adding a few start home features will boost your home value and make your day-to-day life easier. Smart thermostats boast the cost-saving benefits of their programmable counterparts, with even more features. Set your temperature to an eco-friendly option when you are on a trip and remotely change it back to your preferred temp while you’re on your way home. Have a housesitter coming over but don’t want to hide a key? Give them one-time access through your smart lock.

These home upgrades can boost the value of your Sugarmill Woods residence and allow you to enjoy it even more while you live in it. Don’t wait until you want to sell to make home upgrades.

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